Monday, December 05, 2016


Homeowner's Guide

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Forest Meadows Owners Association
Thursday, December 8th
Friday, December 9th
Monday, December 12th

Rescheduling information to follow


Stop Bars, cross walks, fog lines and center strip striping

IS STILL scheduled to start on

Monday, December 12th through Thursday, December 15th.

Fog line and center skip striping is scheduled for Buckthorn Drive, Sandalwood Drive, Sugarbush Lane, Dogwood Drive, and Lupine Lane.

Stop bars and crosswalk striping is scheduled throughout the community. 

If you have questions or concerns before or during the project, please contact
Derek Thomas - Project Manager for Black Diamond Paving at 510-789-3044

Once again, Santa will be stopping by Hilltop Clubhouse, between 1:00 and 2:00 PM, on Saturday, December 10.  All Forest Meadows children and grandchildren are invited to come for a visit with Santa.  We will be decorating cookies and Gail Woznak will be taking a souvenir picture for you.   Please let Sue Friedman (728-8183) know if you and your children will be attending.  Invite your neighbors to bring their children and come with you.


All Forest Meadows residents are invited to the annual Christmas party, on Saturday, December 10, at 6:00 pm.  Hilltop Clubhouse will be decorated and ready for a wonderful holiday celebration.  Come and connect with old friends and meet some new ones.

Lori Meisenbach is planning a “Christmas in Candyland” theme this year.

We plan to sell raffle tickets and raffle off a wonderful wine basket.

The value of the basket will be over $200.00. Lots of excellent local wines and many other items.


The Parks, Pools and Events Committee will provide plates, napkins, cups and utensils.  Please bring a “heavy appetizer” and your own choice of drinks. Also, if you

 can, please bring an unwrapped toy to put under the Christmas tree.  The toys will be donated to the Resource Center for a needy boy or girl.  

Grab your neighbors and bring them with you.  The more the merrier! RSVP to Sue Friedman,  728-8183 or




FM Dog park afternoon of fun every Saturday 3-5pm. 

Bring your pet to the Forest Meadows dog park for a fun doggy social.

Dogs must be friendly and get along with large and small pets

We will have tennis balls and ball throwers  

BYOB and a snack to share if you wish

Call Debby Klein for more information






Sand and Bags are available to use for residents here in Forest Meadows.

Grab a shovel and you can pick up the bags in the Forest Meadows office

to fill with sand we have in the parking lot.


The CHP is notifying all people, who are blocking the entrance, at the front gate and waiting for someone to let them in, that they are not to block the roadway. In addition the CHP will start issuing tickets for a few violations options of either 22504(a) or 22400(a) to name a couple.

Please tell your guests that they are not to block the entrance, we are sure they would rather hear it from you than the CHP.


Absolutely NO DOGS are allowed in any part of Hilltop and Meadowview Parks
including walkways, lawn, and parking lot areas


The Calaveras County Water District Board of Directors voted to remove all water conservation restrictions at today’s Board meeting (Read the resolution here), meaning all CCWD customers are now at a 0% conservation level. This decision came after the State Water Resources Control Board made significant changes to statewide water conservation emergency regulations on May 18, which now allow water agencies to set conservation targets based on local water supplies. CCWD calculated its supplies based on the State Board’s guidelines and determined the District does not currently have a supply shortage and, even if the next three years are dry, will not experience a supply shortage.

“The updated requirements from the state reflect much of what we requested in our comments to the State Water Board as local water supply conditions are the primary consideration in calculating each agency’s conservation requirements,” said Dave Eggerton, CCWD general manager. “The action taken today would not have been possible without the incredible support from our community and the many efforts of our dedicated staff.”

For more information please follow this link


ISO Insurance Classification


January 20, 2016

Ebbetts Pass Fire District recently completed an Insurance Services Office(ISO) evaluation which has upgraded the District’s Fire Protection Classification to a 2/2X effective February 1, 2016.

This is good news and a great accomplishment.  EPFD thanks CCWD, BLS Water, CAL FIRE and all the agencies for their support and assistance to the Ebbetts Pass Fire District.  Thanks to EPFD personnel for the great work everyone has done not only to produce the data for the evaluation, but also the hours of training and documentation that went into the process.  Thank you to the communities we serve for your continued support of the Ebbetts Pass Fire District.

ISO’s Public Classification Program (PPC) plays an important role in the underwriting process at insurance companies.  In fact, most U.S. insurers including the largest ones use PPC information as part of their decision-making when deciding what businesses to write, coverage to offer, or process to charge for personal or commercial property insurance. The new classifications will improve the predictive value for insurers while benefiting both commercial and residential property owners.

If you would like to know more about EPFD’s PPC classification, or about the potential effect of proposed changes to your insurance classification, or to obtain information regarding fire hydrant locations for a selected property, please call Ebbetts Pass Fire District during normal weekday business hours, Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at (209) 795-1646.


Cheryl Howard,
District Administrative Secretary
Ebbetts Pass Fire District


Western Pine Beetle

Since June of this year there has been an exponential increase in tree deaths from the western pine beetle in Forest Meadows. Outbreaks have been found on Heather Court, Sandalwood and Buckthorn. Trees that were green in June are now browning or completely brown. If you have pine trees on your lot, please take a look (with binoculars if you have them) at the mid tree level for pitch tubes. They will appear as random white dime sized splotches of sap and boring dust. If you see any evidence of activity, please contact a tree service or the office for more resources. Being proactive with an infested tree is likely to determine whether or not additional trees are infested and lost. More detailed information on Bark Beetles can be found on the link below.


Home Maintenance Tips for this Fall

Fall means vibrant red, orange, and yellow foliage, lots of pumpkins, and refreshingly cool temps. But, it also means winter isn't far away. Fall is a good time to go over your home to see if there is any maintenance that should be done before Winter sets in.

Examine your roof/gutters/downspouts for debris:

Clear leaves, dirt, and pine needles from gutters and examine downspouts for damage or loose pieces.  Check the flashing around your chimney and any openings in the roof, such as skylights for leaking problems.

Examine your property:

Make sure you check sidewalks and driveways for cracks. If you don't fill them now, water can seep in and freeze, making them even larger. Take the time to resurface worn concrete now and save you a whole lot of time and money later.

Change the filters in your home:

If you have a central air conditioning system, change the air filter regularly. If you have a window air conditioning unit, remove from the window or place a waterproof cover over it to prevent damage. Change filters in stove vents, clothes dryers and room fans if applicable.  Clean air filters will keep your family healthier in the fall months.

Still have leaky faucets? Repair them now:

Before the temperatures start to dip low, examine leaky faucets in the kitchen, bathrooms, and utility room locations. Most likely the time and money spent now to fix will be less than a broken pipe in the dead of winter!

Prepare your fireplace:

For some people they use their fireplace more than their central heater in the fall and winter months.  Discard old ashes and ensure the damper is open to allow air to freely move through the chimney.  If the air is becoming cold, close back the damper after cleaning. Check the damper handle and springs to ensure the flue is operating correctly. Hire a professional chimney sweep if needed.

Check windows and doors for drafts:

Go through your home and open windows to ensure the seal and caulking around the window frame is in good condition. Think of adding heavier drapery around windows that are extra drafty, to help insulate.

Clean and store seasonal outdoor furniture:

Wash outdoor furniture and cushions. Once dry, store cushions in dry area to prevent cracking, and fading over the fall and winter months. Once spring comes along next year, you will be pleased that you stored them and they’re ready for use!

Take care of your irrigation needs:

Depending on where you live, the climate for your landscape and its irrigation system may need to be checked.  Consider having an irrigation service professional fix broken heads before the cold weather sets in.

Enjoy these days of fall because they are going fast! Before you know it we will be getting ready for the holidays.  Use these ten tips to help you get a jump start on your fall home maintenance, your home will thank you!


Being a FIREWISE Community

Could your homeowner’s insurance be reduced if your community was a FIREWISE Community?

What is a FIREWISE Community?  How can it benefit you?  What’s your role?  

Additional information for FIREWISE communities may be found at and


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