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The sewer lines to the Hilltop tennis court bathrooms are being replaced and there is considerable construction activities at Hilltop Park today and Friday. Please use caution when in the area and abide by signage that is posted there.


Sealcoating Project Update
The 2nd phase of the Sealcoating Project will commence starting Monday, August 15th through Friday August 19th. Please click here for the Schedule and Map.
It is of paramount importance that you read the notice and review the map.

Please make all residents of your Forest Meadows home, contractors, service providers, family, friends, and visitors aware of the projects and schedules.
If you have any questions or concerns before or during the project, please contact: JEFF COLLINS – PROJECT MANAGER (510) 304-7425.

CCWD Water Tank
The CCWD water tank replacement is complete, and in the process of being filled. CCWD installed a pressure pump on a temporary basis to speed up the filling process. As a result, you might notice increased water pressure. This is temporary.

The Gallery generator has finally arrived and we are expecting to begin the installation next week.

VIP Final Inspections
The final VIP inspections are starting this weekend, with letters to follow in a week.

Entrance Gate update
Like everything else, supply chain issues have severely impacted receiving the necessary parts to repair and put our gates in operating condition. We are expecting the needed gate sensor to be received next week. We appreciate everyone’s patience.

Pool Gates update
As in the situation with the entrance gate, we are experiencing supply chain issues; however, the needed card readers are expected next week, and will be installed. We are aware that there are pool cards that are not being accepted, thus creating an inconvenience. Once the new system is been installed, all cards should be accepted. There will be coverage at both pools this weekend to ensure residents who are having card issues able to have access. We appreciate your continued patience.

Bear activity
There has been increased bear activity within our community. Several homes have had their garbage cans dumped overnight. Be aware of your pets, and surroundings when walking in early morning or evening hours. If possible, keep your cans in until the morning of the pickup.

Thank you.

David Gauvin
General Manager
Forest Meadows Owners Association